Yay John finally got a better job than Pizza Hut! To be honest I was worried about him delivering pizzas in shady neighborhoods. He had been approached before while he was delivering, plus his car runs horribly and sounds like it is about to break down.I am also happy that this new job has benefits! I must be an adult. I’m excited about insurance.Also, ย wpid-snapchat-1832230809590867691.jpgI definitely like a good drastic change.

3 thoughts on “Haircut”

  1. Congratulations to John on his new job! Also, I like your hair.

    I was considering cutting my hair short, but I’m still undecided. I had a side cut, but am growing it out and think my hair would look more like it belonged on my head if I just commit to the one length and grow it all out together …

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    1. I always say I’m going to grow it out but I never do. I just want a cut that I don’t have to brush if I don’t want to.
      My hair is way shorter in the back so it’s going to look really goofy in about a month haha

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      1. Not having to brush hair sounds like a huge positive!
        Don’t worry, I’m sure you can’t look as goofy as me currently; 3/4 of my hair is down to my butt crack (nearly, anyways), and the other 1/4 is up to my chin!!

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