Well tonight took a turn for the weird

So John eventually did text me back. He said that he and his friend Danny were at Dennys and they were supposed to be waiting on the guy whose birthday it was and his girlfriend and some of their other friends, but the couple had gotten into a fight downtown after this guy openly said some drunken racist things in front of black people. His girlfriend and their other friends were thoroughly embarrassed by his behavior obviously, so John told me they probably weren’t going to show up so he would just get some food to go for me. About an hour later John called me back to tell me that the guy whose birthday it is flipped shit and kicked a shop window downtown, shattering it. He was arrested and is probably going to be charged with major damage. Hopefully it doesn’t end up being a felony, because this guy is supposed to go to medical school in the fall. John asked me to come to Denny’s and help calm this guys girlfriend because she was freaking out and everyone else was drunk. I took care of it, then went home. We don’t know yet whats going to happen, but I find it hard to care very much about anyones problems when they bring it upon themselves like that. After being at home for maybe 30 minutes, Johns dad calls him and says he is outside (this was about 45 minutes ago, and it is now 4:30am.) He is pretty drunk and had lost a bunch of money at the casino and wanted to borrow some from John. John is still drunk and decides to have an intervention with him about his lifelong gambling problem. Right now. Outside of our apartment. I would like to take Tiki out and go to bed, but I don’t want to walk in the middle of it. So here I am, blogging about it. This is one of the big problems that John has with his life, the fact that his parents were both irresponsible self-obsessed assholes.Oh well, it could be worse. I am very grateful that my father never had a drinking or gambling problem, he actively scolded people like that. He taught me that those people have addictions and addictions will destroy you. He also hated cigarettes, but I started smoking when I was 18. I quit as of like, 3 weeks ago, but its hard. The only vice my dad has is smoking pot, but that is because he was a child of the 70’s. He was a hippy and he sees the benefits of marijuana. He taught me from an early age that it is OK to smoke weed, once I was old enough. He told me that no one under the age of 18 should smoke, however. I definitely agree with this, and I plan on doing the same for my children. I know that everyone has their vices, and I don’t judge anyone. I want everyone to know that I will always be there for them, because I know how hard it is to walk away from your addictions.

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