Mothers Day in a Single Parent Home

when I was six years old

I made a beautiful card

it had a rainbow, the sun

a picture of my dog

the inside was simple

in my neatest script

i wrote

dear dad

happy mothers day

A note about this poem: Mothers Day is always a weird holiday for me. My mom is still alive, but I was raised primarily by my father. I would only see my mom on Friday nights and the time with her was not pleasant, to say the least. My father was both parents to me. He taught me everything I know, and he has been the biggest influence on my life. He still has this card that I made him. He pulls it out occasionally to show me, and he always gets the biggest look of pride when he does so. I’m glad that I made him proud of me. As I’ve gotten older, now Mothers Day means very little to me. Its a busy day at work because I work in a restaurant. I’m probably going to bring my grandmothers’ flowers and I might buy my mom a card. The problem with mothers day cards for my mom is that they never say the right words. They always say things like “Thank you for always being there” or “I know I can depend on you” and that just isn’t how I feel. I usually go with a card that is humorous or just says Happy Mothers Day. 

1 thought on “Mothers Day in a Single Parent Home”

  1. I was lucky to have both my parents growing up and they stayed together until they passed away- Mom in ’08 (at 88) and Dad in ’14 at just shy of 85. I am still with my wife of 29 years (okay, okay- 29 years the 31st of the month) and our older son gets married this Saturday.
    Life is hard and not feeling loved by someone who created you must be devastating- I wish peace and happiness to you.


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