Random Idea of the Night

Previously, I had a small candle business that I called L’allumer Candle. I know now that I should have named it something simple, and I probably shouldn’t have invested so much money into it right away. I am thinking about rebranding my candle making into Cape Girardeau Candle, perhaps. This would really open the doors to the local market. I need to make a few simple candle scents in pretty containers to start out with. Maybe theme some of them, such as “Rose Garden” and “River Walk” or something. That would probably be a huge hit in my area. This would also make it easy to get the media behind me. I am contemplating how I want to go about this. I will need to get in with the craft fairs, plus a little door to door selling. I will need to buy local as much as I can, and make sure that my product is great. I will probably have to make a bunch up to give away for free to people who write about what I’m doing (hint hint) and come up with some facebook specials. Maybe I won’t make the facebook page until I have some reasonable support behind me. I want to do all glass containers, because I feel like my tin containers don’t look as good. Maybe I should dabble in votives as well? I’m not sure. This is just one of those 3am craft ideas that pop into my head. I hope I don’t forget about it before tomorrow.

I also need to think of a domain name for this blog, but I guess I’m not in a rush.

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