Finals are finally done for the semester, but I have three classes this summer. Thankfully they are all online. I just got off of a shift at work, and I work tomorrow at 11am. Tomorrow is also graduation for the local university so we are going to be busy as eff. It is also the other bartender Jakes last night at Katy O’s, which is going to be sad. I plan on waking up early and going to go get him something nice. He and I have been the only bartenders at Katy O’s since September, so we have gotten to know each other well. he and his girlfriend are pretty much my favorite people. When I start my own bar, I hope that Jake is the co-owner with me. He mentioned that he still wanted to do it last night, but I know that people change. I am in the process of finding another bartender.

John made pizza for me when I got home, which was nice. I’m probably about to smoke a bowl then hit the hay. I’ll have more interesting things to say probably tomorrow, as of right now I am so bushed I don’t feel like writing.

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