Creepy things where I work


I found a creepy statue of a lions head hidden outside of my workplace when I was exploring the place Saturday night. I work in one of the oldest buildings in Cape Girardeau, and there is a lot of history. Most of the building even burned down in 1990, but they restored it for the most part. There is a giant empty space upstairs that we use as storage, but I love it. It is two stories tall and filled with things from the restaurant that was in our building before us, The Royal N’orleans. You never know what you’re going to find. There were about five of these creepy lions heads. This one looked like it had seen some things.

I have had people come into Katy O’s while I was bartending as say that they used to work there when it was the N’orleans. They would always tell me about the “ghost” and ask if I’ve seen anything weird. They all would say the same things about it too. They said that when the restaurant was the N’orleans, all of the tables would be set up in fine dining fashion, as it was one of the nicest restaurants in town. Frequently, all of the table set up in the corner table near the window under a portrait of a lady would be discovered laying on the ground when the opening crew would come in the morning. I have personally never seen anything creepy, but I am in the restaurant alone sometimes. I’m not superstitious but sometimes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up for no reason. Or I’ll see something moving out of the corner of my eye, there are a lot of windows, mirrors, and reflective surfaces in the restaurant, so I reason that it was someone walking by outside and there is nothing to be alarmed about. The kitchen manager who is also sometimes in the restaurant by herself said that she thought that she saw someone moving out of the corner of her eye in the kitchen when she first walked in.

The only really creepy thing that happened to me happened a few months ago. I was closing up, and usually the last thing I do is turn off the music. I turn it off after I turn off the lights because we have plenty of green ambient lighting that stays on all night. I’m finished with everything, the last guests have left and I turn off the music. I notice that there is a loud, high pitched sound coming from the men’s restroom, which is in the bar area. There are two doors leading into the men’s room, so I open the first and realize that the sound is almost deafening, and it sounds like an alarm going off. I took out my camera on my phone to record the sound and get the hell out of there. I texted the video to my boss who asked me to check to make sure all of the faucets were off but by this time I was already almost home. I was extremely freaked out. The next day he said that it was because the faucet in the upstairs bathroom was left trickling over night, but the sound was so loud that I don’t know if I believe it. A few weeks later, the kitchen manager mentioned that she heard the same thing when she opened that day. The only person I had told about it was my boss, and he had laughed it off so he didn’t tell anyone. I am still wondering what it was.

Here is the video of the creepy sound that I sent at work. Sorry it is vertical. I was in a rush to get the fuck out of there since I’m a little scaredy cat.

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