Want to build a home bar (also, yay 50 followers!)

First, Thank you so much to those who have followed my little personal blog. It means a lot, especially those who interact with me. This gets reblogged automatically so thank you, all 102 of you for following my tumblr but I don’t know if that means anything because I’m pretty sure no one reads text posts on Tumblr.

We are going to be moving in about two months into a house, and I would like to build a home bar so I can start experimenting at home.

I think what I’m going to do is buy an armoire (the more rustic the better honestly) This should be a pretty easy task. I have seen many armoires that look pretty beat up that I could get and fix up, like I did my writing desk.


This is kind of what I want to go for. I have plenty of different wine glasses but I will need to get some rocks glasses and stuff.

I will probably pick up a bottle of alcohol every once in a while and try out a few different recipes with it. I will start with a vodka and white rum, and get a few juices. I already have grenadine so this encompasses a lot of summer cocktails. I need to remember to get a planter for some mint. I should also start growing rosemary and lavender. Both of which could be used for bartending or candlemaking.

After I get these basics, I’m going to move on to some good tequila. Nothing too fancy but definitely not Jose Cuervo. I might even spring for some Cointreau.

Gin is my least favorite, but I will get some Hendricks because so far that is the only kind I can stand. its great with cucumber.

I have to get some Irish whiskey, probably Tullamore Dew and definitely Jameson. I will probably not buy midori, that stuff is kind of gross.

I wish that someone would just go on the OXO website and buy me all of their bar tools. I’m in love. Probably not this whole set, I would rather build my own set based on things I actually need.

I just started my first summer class, and its a mens studies course.


I am pretty feminist, and this class so far aligns with my values that many modern men are just as oppressed as women. They are told, from when they are just little boys, that they can’t show emotion and they must act like a man. I’m sure this subject will come up many times in the next month. I should actually be doing my homework right now.

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