finally finished summer class #1


Finally, after 4 weeks of cramming on Sundays for at least 10 hours (because come on, I’m a procrastinator) I am finally finished with UI 455, the study of masculinity.

This was actually a really enjoyable class, as far as subject matter goes. I have always been interested in women’s studies, and studying masculinity is actually not too far off. This class really affirmed some of my beliefs, changed others, and all around opened my mind. Really, it has nothing to do with my major. I suppose it has everything to do with my major at the same time. Communicating with others involves communicating with men, as they are half of the world’s population.

It brought up the point that thus far, men had been generalized as the generic human being. Historically, until the 1980’s, there was no real study of men being men. The reason why I took this class was to balance my feminist outlook on life. As a female in her 20’s, I have felt that men are born with a certain entitlement. The text highlights that as individuals, men don’t feel like that. To be masculine is thought of to be violent, hardworking, unemotional, powerful, and dominant. Cultures all over the world perpetuate these stereotypes, by holding antifeminitity beliefs. This means that if a man acts in any way like a woman would, they would be punished. This also perpetuates homophobia in men. Many men feel like if they act in a traditional feminine way at all, they will be perceived as gay. This creates a cycle where fathers don’t want their sons perceived as gay, so they instill antifeminine beliefs.  Being masculine has its benefits and costs as well. If a man behaves in a traditionally masculine way, then they will be perceived as powerful and people will look up to him. He has a better chance of becoming wealthy because he may have problem solving skills and is hardworking, both of which are traditional masculine traits.  The downside to living a masculine life is emotional stability. When they are young, boys are told never to show emotions and definitely never cry. This leads to serious psychological and physical problems, and often men don’t enroll in psychological treatment. If they do, they often don’t complete the treatment.

Anyway,  I’m on the season finale of Orange is the New Black, and I finished Game of Thrones season five tonight. Geez. I guess I’m probably going to binge on something else next.

Another class starts tomorrow. This one is the study of the development of sexuality. Obviously this is something I’m interested in.

6 thoughts on “finally finished summer class #1”

  1. I did not see a direct way to message you. Thanks for liking my posts. i like yours too and followed you. Where do you live?


  2. Some really good points here. We, as men, are absolutely born with a sense of entitlement, especially if we’re white. It’s so stupid. And yeah, it does effect(affect? Fuck…)us negatively. It was really weird for me because I grew up without a father, so it was weird to learn second hand all these “masculine” things I was supposed to be doing or feeling or not feeling. Life is so strange as it is, then society places all these rules on you as a child of ANY gender and you’re just like “geez, alright, damn…I mean you’re older so you must know better…” Little did we know!


      1. That’s so interesting and cool for me. I mean I know, from personal experience, that it really isn’t actually cool, but you know what I mean. Damn, we should make a blog post together discussing what it was like from both of our points of view!

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