My message to gay people

Six years ago, when I was 18, I made a decision that as a girl who identified as straight, I couldn’t imagine a world where I would get married but my gay friends couldn’t. I donated $30 to the HRC and received a ring (similar to this one but not the exact same. It seems as if they don’t sell the one I had) that I promised myself I wouldn’t take off until everyone could get married. I am so happy, so completely overjoyed, that everyone can get married finally. Unfortunately I lost that ring while I was washing my hands while I was working at Giant Seafood Chain Restaurant, but I never forgot what that ring stood for. In 50 years we are going to look back on this day as we looked back on the Loving vs. Virginia case in the 60’s, with the case of interracial marriage. It should be a human right. I can’t wait to tell my children and my grandchildren about a time when not everyone could marry each other, and the day that all changed.

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