poor reddit :(


Now where am I going to spend all of my time? I’m seriously worried about this community that I’ve spent the last 5 years on. Maybe it is for the best, I should get out more. But reddit has always been there for me if I ever wanted to just have a discussion or conversation with someone. Every interest I could have is on there, and it great numbers. Some of the greatest scientists, artists, celebrities and activists have come to this place. I am almost completely out of the loop here, I know that Victoria was let go, and I don’t understand why. Wasn’t she the main moderator of r/IAMA? This was one of the most public subreddits given the subject matter. I wonder if there is not something bigger going on, and I wonder how much things will change when the blackout is lifted. Until then I support the good moderators of their subs that just want to see the community thrive. Letting Victoria was a mistake that I hope doesn’t completely ruin this great website. #bandwagon

Anyway, I know there are a lot of more interesting and important news stories out there, but reddit has just exploded with this information over the last few hours.  All I know if that until this is over, we should not buy reddit gold. It is the only way our vote is really counted in the Reddit company. Vote with your pocketbooks.

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