Stressing out

Still trying to get a new place to live nailed down. I am currently extremely stressed out about it because we have to be moved out by two weeks from now and we don’t definitely have a place locked in. There is one place that we would definitely like to have, but there is some competition for the place because it is so nice. I am also currently in another summer class about how people become literate. As interesting as this class is, I don’t really have time right now to fully immerse myself in the class. On top of this, my laptop is currently being repaired so I am on my boyfriends computer right now. The good thing about his computer is that it has two monitors so I am currently writing this while I am watching a lecture for the class.

This weekend was fun I guess. I worked on Friday night until close although we were slow. Saturday was Independence Day so I bought a few fireworks and beers and just chilled out with my friend Steven, my boyfriend John, my roommate Phil and his new girlfriend Jessie. Speaking of, I never thought I would see the day when Phil got a girlfriend. Not that he isn’t a super nice and great guy, but he is kind of weird and Jessie seems really nice. Phil is moving with us into this next place so we shall see how his relationship pans out. I’m totally rooting for him.

This video about “how the brain learns to read” is kind of boring. I never did very well in the neuroscience chapters in my classes, All I can focus on is that this guy pronounces “characters” like “ker-ak-turs”

Anyway, brief blog because I’m doing homework but writing never fails to help me vent out my stress.

Also, I finally reached 100 followers! I have gained followers on here faster than I ever did in the 5 years I was on Tumblr. Woo!

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