day 2 without my computer

Luckily I work today or else I might go crazy. Basically all I did yesterday was nap from 5-7, watch the last 12 episodes of The Office (yes 12.), sit on my couch, and then at about midnight John and I decided we were going to try that app “Couch to 5k” so we ran around our neighborhood for about 30 minutes. Then I proceeded to shower and sit on my couch some more. Phil (my roommate) has a new girlfriend and she spent the night for the first time last night. She seems nice. I’m not sure if her name is Jess or Jessie. She’s adorable and works in the seafood department at Schnucks, where Phil also works. I can tell he is really happy. I never thought I would see the day when Phil had a girlfriend and she was also really cool and nice and we could totally be friends. I see a lot of double dates coming up. Today I woke up early (at noon) to finish my homework on Johns computer which I have now done so I have a little bit of time before I have to go to work. I still haven’t gotten a call about my computer, which worries me. I’m wondering if I should call Velocity to see if everything is OK.

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