Finally moved!

We’re finally moved into our new place. This whole last weekend up until today has been me running around packing stuff, moving things, changing our address for everything, and also listening to and supporting my boyfriend who was initially excited about this place but due to some electrical issues he is less so.  None of the upstairs outlets are grounded so it is pretty unsafe, especially since he has a gaming pc and is touchy about it. We have a nice big backyard with a firepit which makes Tiki happy. We also just got our internet hooked up.

A good thing about this place is that I can finally start on some crafts and things. I have some vinyls that I would like to hang up, and we would also like to install shelving.

I’m sad because I’m not sure exactly how I’m going to go about making candles anymore, as we don’t have a gas stove anymore and that was way nicer.

Nothing really interesting in this blog post, just a little update on my life. I wish that they prescribed xanax for moving. That would be really nice haha.

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