Two Years Later

Its hard to believe that its been over two years since I posted anything. Honestly its been two years since I’ve written anything besides notes to John packed into his lunch.

I’m not sure what made me decide to go to my old blog. I must be going through a phase, like I do with playing The Sims or Cities Skylines, which I’ve done a lot of in the last two years. Probably too much. Maybe I want to relive some old memories.

I have deleted my Facebook once, only to reactivate it two weeks later.

I switched jobs to a better paying, more challenging restaurant.

I haven’t cut my hair since I posted on here about cutting it, in 2015.

We set a wedding date for September 2nd, which is right around the corner.

We adopted another doggo, Luca.img_20180527_151729

I am trying to get my finances in order so I’m not in debt for the rest of my life. Maybe I will share more later.

I always think I am going to write an epic post, but it always turns into a few short sentences.


Until next time,



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