someone stole my bank account information

For the first time in my life, my identity was stolen today.

That was a little dramatic, but still. Both of my checking accounts with 99% of my money are out of my immediate reach until my new debit cards come in.

I recently started being more diligent with my budget and had decided not to spend a bunch of money on food so maybe this is a good thing. it definitely helps ward off temptation not being able to access my money unless it’s during banking hours.

I suppose my Dominos account information was hacked because there were two separate charges from two different people in two different states. One ordered enough pizza to trigger my fraud alert on John and I’s joint bank account and an hour later my personal bank account was charged. I’ve never had something like this happen before. I’ve been completely out of money before, but having it and not being able to easily access it makes me uncomfortable, just like withdrawal from my various addictions. For example, if I know John has cigarettes I will fiend for them until I get them in my possession.

this should be a wake up call that my spending is out of control and although I’m not in a crazy amount of debt, I definitely live a little beyond my means.

I plan on using this time to make educated decisions on what I am going to spend my money on, and make a plan for the week. I also plan on letting others treat me instead of me treating them. That is part of my spending problem. I offer to buy people dinners and spend my gas with out anything in return. don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to do it. However I need to flex my “no” muscle once in a while.

Today I plan on catching up on some much needed cleaning since I’ve been working every day since the long weekend. Luca and I are going to go swimming as well, probably somewhere in Southern Illinois

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