Tonights Cocktail, The Zaya Shipwreck


This cocktail has been made many different ways online, most of which contain Malibu or Kraken rum and Jack Daniels or some other whiskey or bourbon, but here is my personal recipe.

1 oz Zaya Aged Rum

1 oz Bulliet Bourbon

.75 oz fresh Lime Juice

.75 oz Simple Syrup

3 dashes of Angostura Bitters

shake all of the ingredients and pour into a highball glass with fresh ice

garnish with a fresh mint sprig

This drink is all about the quality and proportions. Zaya Rum has a noticeable vanilla taste to it, which comes out in the cocktail. You would think that a drink of this caliber would be harsh and hard to drink, but its almost too easy going down. It starts strong and finishes deliciously, with the bitters giving it a hint of spice that pairs very well with the Zaya and the Bulleit bourbon. I would describe the taste as complex and earthy. I found this cocktail on Reddit a few months ago and I took a few liberties to make it my own. It’s been a hit in my bar ever since.


5 ingredient Margarita (The Perfect Margarita) Closing Cocktail

Tonight’s Closing Cocktail is the Perfect Margarita

My perfect margarita

1.5 oz tequila- I used Patrón Silver

.5 oz Cointreau- This is important. Not Triple Sec

1.5 oz Lime Juice

Kosher Salt Rim


These are the only five ingredients in a perfect margarita. Notice that there is none of that nasty sweet and sour mix. Fresh lime juice is prefered, but I only have Rose’s at my bar so I made do. I have fresh lemon juice on hand but limes are kind of costly right now.

To build:

Set up kosher salt in a rimmer or a plate if no rimmer is available.

Rim glass with lime juice and kosher salt.

Fill glass with ice and set aside

In cocktail shaker put ice cubes, tequilla, Cointreau, and lime juice. Shake until vigorously.

Strain and pour into glass, Garnish with lime.

This is literally the only way I can drink a margarita. I would love it if “margarita” wasn’t synonymous with sugar filled neon green tequila cocktail. Or worse, when they’re blue.

I don’t pretend to be a margarita professional, this is just personal preference. Plus I don’t think it could get any simpler. The simpler, the better in my experience.


Family Meeting in the Principals Office- 4th grade

Mountain of papers on his desk

Knick knacks

A cat-a-day calendar

Memo’s on post its

His walls have pictures

Of himself as a young football player

Beaming at the camera

And awards

And diplomas

My grandmother is sitting

Along with the councilor

Someone puts their hand on my shoulder

Has someone died?

Grandma speaks first


The tone in her voice makes me nervous

“Your mother got behind the wheel

After too many drinks”

I fear for the worst

I see my mother, in a coma

A vegetable

Or a body in the morgue

“She wrapped her car around a tree

She spent the night in jail”

A person gets three strikes

They let you off with a warning


Thirty days in jail

But the third time,

You are unfit for society

And they send you away

For a second I think

This might be worse than if she had died

Am I going to hell?


My Mother

She knew she was sick

but she had a life inside of her

termination was put on the table

and quickly thrown off

somedays she didn’t know who she was

five years ago she knew


top of her class


prodigal daughter

now she is



with child

college dropout


How could she care for a child

if she couldn’t even care for herself