Today’s cocktail: Mint Chocolate Birthday Martini!


This Martini is not very much different from my other Chocolate Martini, I just thought it looked pretty and fun with its little candle in it 🙂


1.5 oz vanilla vodka

.5 oz Baileys or other creme liqueur

.5 oz Rumpleminz

whipped cream

chocolate syrup


Mix all of the liquors and a small amount of whipped cream and chocolate syrup in a mixing tin with ice and shake vigorously

make a fun design with chocolate sauce a chilled martini glass

strain martini into the glass and add a dollop of whipped cream

add candle and sing!

This martini tastes just like a mint chocolate cookie and its pretty too! you can’t be sad on your birthday drinking this martini!

I made this one in honor of a girl who just started bartending for me whose birthday is today. Tasty!


Happy National Martini Day! Hazelnut and Irish Creme Chocolate Martini!


I’m definitely not a purist when it comes to the chocolate martini. I usually ask the person what they want in it, since I don’t have a set recipe that I have to use. I don’t have any chocolate liquor  so I make due with what I have.

Take a frozen Martini glass and swirl chocolate sauce around the bottom.

Put ice, 1.5 oz Vanilla vodka (I used Absolut Vanilla), .5 oz Kahlua, .5 oz Frangelico Hazelnut Liquor, and .5 oz Baileys Irish creme in shaker tin with a small amount of whipped creme. Feel free to pour chocolate sauce in like you would milk to make chocolate milk. Shake vigorously. Strain into your pretty glass and top with a dollop of whipped creme and a mint sprig, or a cherry.

I mix it up by using caramel Baileys, regular vodka, Kahlua, Frangelico, Rum Chata sometimes, really whatever I’m feeling.

Happy Martini Day!


Katy’s Irish Coffee


Katy’s Irish Coffee

1.5 oz either Jameson or Baileys (honestly anything you want. I like it with Tullamore Dew)

whipped cream

green creme d’menthe drizzled on top

sprinkle of nutmeg

This is the standard Irish Coffee at the place I work. It is pretty delicious. The only thing I would really change is to get some really good coffee. I’m not actually the biggest fan of most coffees but I can appreciate a good one. I really prefer hot teas, and I can make a good hot toddy. I might be mildly addicted to Tension Tamer tea.

It was one of Johns friends birthday parties and we actually went out together for once. John spends most of his time playing Counter Strike or whatever when he isn’t at work. He is also pretty anti social. He really only hangs out with me and our roommate Phil. I usually have a friend or two over  at least once a week, plus I have a pretty social job so I make a lot of friends. John and I are just different kinds of people. It works out well though, we compliment each other. We went to a local place called Biergarten. It was my first time there, they have a bunch of different beers and pretty good food but they are super bright and loud. I wish that it had a different feel to it. Then it would be great. Such as if they had dark wood instead of the light lacquered wood. They also have uncomfortable benches, and too many TV’s. The service was excellent, however, and if a place has great service I can forgive almost anything else. I apologize, I can be kind of a restaurant critic. That is probably because I have spent my entire working career in the restaurant industry. It has definitely become a part of me. I don’t want to be the old woman server that every restaurant seems to have. The industry is too fickle for that. I want to own the restaurant. I need to find someone who would want to help motivate me to get my act in gear. I need someone who is my good friend who is more organized than myself to help bounce ideas off of. I am a very hard worker but sometimes I have a hard time looking at the immediate future, and I tend to see the bigger picture.

I am currently watching Hot Fuzz. I should probably be studying, or doing my laundry or the dishes. John stayed out with his friends. I texted him about 2 hours ago and he was at a trashy dance club for some reason. I shouldn’t be so judgemental of this place, but they still allow smoking and there is hardly any seating so you have to awkwardly stand around if you don’t want to dance (or if you’re like myself and are physically incapable of dancing.) The music is crazy loud. Anyway, bars closed almost an hour ago and john still isn’t home. Kind of worried but I’m sure he’s ok.

The only alcohol in my house right now is a box of wine. I don’t work until 6 tomorrow, and I’m definitely not tired so I’ll probably sleep in pretty late tomorrow.