Today’s cocktail: Mint Chocolate Birthday Martini!


This Martini is not very much different from my other Chocolate Martini, I just thought it looked pretty and fun with its little candle in it 🙂


1.5 oz vanilla vodka

.5 oz Baileys or other creme liqueur

.5 oz Rumpleminz

whipped cream

chocolate syrup


Mix all of the liquors and a small amount of whipped cream and chocolate syrup in a mixing tin with ice and shake vigorously

make a fun design with chocolate sauce a chilled martini glass

strain martini into the glass and add a dollop of whipped cream

add candle and sing!

This martini tastes just like a mint chocolate cookie and its pretty too! you can’t be sad on your birthday drinking this martini!

I made this one in honor of a girl who just started bartending for me whose birthday is today. Tasty!


I am torn

I am wanting to purchase a domain name for my blog. I am not crazy about the fact that my last name is in my current domain name, plus it still says

I’m not sure what I should officially name my blog. I know that I am going to continue writing poetry occasionally as the mood strikes. I also am very passionate about my bartending and coming up with new or modified cocktails and I would like to continue to post my recipes but I don’t want to be full time at that either. I also do other miscellaneous crafts such as candlemaking that I would like to post about. Also I have a pug who is the light of my life.  Sometimes I am going to want to be personal. Sometimes I’m going to want to write a lot, sometimes I’m going to want to be brief.

This is causing me some serious conflict internally right now. This blog is so personal that I want it to be presented well. Plus I don’t want my name tied in with it.