So peeved right now

Sarah and I in 2004 when I was 14 and she was 11. Notice the ironic tshirts
Sarah and I in 2004 when I was 14 and she was 11. Notice the ironic tshirts

I don’t even know what to say. Today I found out that my younger sister is pregnant. This drives me crazy on so many levels. She currently doesn’t have the internet so I’m not really worried about her seeing this, and this is my personal blog and it’s just how I feel. Sarah has been dating this guy for about a year now. His name is Jeffery and I can’t stand him. Since she has met him she has made every mistake possible.

The first thing that happened almost immediately after they started dating, if noticed that he never left her house and he didn’t have a car or a job. The only reason that this affected me at all is because I had dated a guy like this about two years earlier, to a guy named Richard who never had a job or a car (or even his license, which I later found out that Jeffery also had suspended) and throughout the breakup Sarah was around and saw how bad Richard treated me, and how he moved into my house and started manipulating and leeching off of me until I couldn’t take it anymore.

The next thing that happened is that two months after they started dating, Jeffery found out he had a kid. In Ohio, three states away. Oh, and the kid is three, nobody told Jeffery about it. So he decided that he was going to move all the way over there to be with this child he had never met. The child is undoubtable his, he looks just like him. Jeffery does have some strong genes. Sarah decided to follow him, quitting her job that she has had for two years that she was just recently promoted at, taking her car that she had just recently gotten and was supposed to be making payment on. She also left her nice one bedroom apartment that was all hers for the first time in her life.

You see, Sarah is my half-sister and she was…passed around a lot between her father and mother and later, when our mom went to prison she spent the school week with our grandma so that she could go to private Catholic school where she needed to be driven. This was where I saw her on Friday nights while our mother was away. Our grandma is a very strict lady as she used to be a school teacher and a therapist for children so she has seen some shit. She also thinks that she knows everything about everything. Currently her health is declining and I haven’t seen her in a while. She spends all day on her couch watching Fox News and living in imaginary anger. She is literally angry about everything. My other grandma is nothing like her. Our grandma is so strict that she made Sarah go to bed at 9pm every night and always checked over all of her homework. At the time, Sarah was living rebelliously at her dad’s house on Saturdays and Sundays. She came out online as a lesbian and even got a girlfriend. Our grandma found out about it and was furious. Sarah moved back to her dad’s house at the beginning of 8th grade, and went back to public school. Our grandma was so angry at Sarah that Sarah tried to kill herself by taking a lot of pills. At the time, Sarah was a bit of a hypochondriac so she had a lot of random pills around the house. This was one of the most painful times of my life. I felt like I had really helped take care of Sarah when our mother was asleep during the day or wasted at night. I felt really betrayed that she didn’t talk to me about what was going on in her head and that she felt the inclination to off herself. After this I forgave her but I almost didn’t trust her. Which means that when she did it again, I became angry and we didn’t speak for over a year. Sarah dropped out of high school on her 16th birthday but got her GED immediately without even taking the class.

Before Sarah went to Ohio Jeffery proposed to her. This was weird to me because they had been dating about three months at this point. After she went to Ohio, she couldn’t find another job and they got kicked out of the place they were living. There was no real explanation for why they got kicked out. They were supposed to be living with his ailing father helping to take care of him. They were homeless for a time and eventually they came back without any money to their name and without a place to go here in town. Since our grandpa owns apartments, he set her up with a different one bedroom apartment and somehow she got her job back at Ruby Tuesday. Jeffery still doesn’t have a job or his license but he was driving around Sarah’s car that our grandparents bought her. Jeffery got a job but was fired, then got another job. In his first week at the new job he wreaked her car and lost that job too. Sarah was working as a delivery driver at pizza hut so she couldn’t do that anymore until she had a car again. She hasn’t had a job in about four months at this point. She has lost her apartment and I thought that she and Jeffery had broken up. She actually told me they did break up, but he never left her apartment, and he wasn’t paying rent. I guess they got back together, but our grandpa officially kicked her out at the end of this last month. He even got the sheriff to kick her out. Yes, this is the kind of thing that our grandparents do. They have all of this money but they royally screw Sarah all the time. In their defense, Sarah is a huge bitch to them, but that is really just her personality. She isn’t so much of a huge bitch as she is abrasive and unreliable.

So now she is going to have a kid and I’m genuinely worried about it. This kid is going to be my little niece or nephew and they are going to start their life out in a tough spot. Sarah is extremely pro-life (the opposite of me). I doubt that she will do the smart thing and give it up for adoption. I just knew she would do something like this. She has never been very good at making choices for herself.

So yeah, that’s what is going on in my life right now. John and I found a really nice house that we are going to be moving into in two weeks. When Sarah told me she was pregnant I just said “oh…that sucks” because I’m an insensitive bitch sometimes.


le petit blog post

Today was fun. I finally got my computer back. Turns out they tried to call me on the first day that I gave it to them but they had the wrong phone number (even though I gave them my new one.) There were just a few screws missing, however that happens. John and I watched the Anime movie Graves of the Fireflies, which is really sad and really good. 

It was about a boy who is taking care of his younger sister after both of their parents die. It is set in WWII Japan. They become homeless and he is forced to grow up a lot. For a movie made in 1988, it is really well animated and stood the test of time. I may have even shed a little tear.

I am in the process of creating a whiskey tasting sheet, as we are going to start doing irish whiskey flights at work. Despite the fact that I know little and less about whiskey, I’m trying really hard here, and its very time consuming. Obviously I’m cheating by using a website.

Today marks the fourth day I have known my roommates girlfriend, and the second time she has spent the night at our house. I have yet to see or hear her use the restroom. Its not like I’m keeping tabs on her or anything, its just weird since I pee all the time. I am beginning to think she might be a vampire who has no need to eat or drink therefor she wouldn’t use the bathroom. I’m not sure.

Phil, John, and I looked at an adorable little house in our hometown this afternoon. Hopefully we get to rent it as it is getting down to the wire and I’m getting really nervous that we aren’t going to find a place, as the last house hasn’t called us back yet.

It rained most of the day, and we even had a tornado warning. All of the sirens in Cape went off, although the sky didn’t look bad and I don’t think there was ever actually a tornado. They were just a little trigger happy with the siren.

Anyway, this is just a short blog post before I go to bed.


day 2 without my computer

Luckily I work today or else I might go crazy. Basically all I did yesterday was nap from 5-7, watch the last 12 episodes of The Office (yes 12.), sit on my couch, and then at about midnight John and I decided we were going to try that app “Couch to 5k” so we ran around our neighborhood for about 30 minutes. Then I proceeded to shower and sit on my couch some more. Phil (my roommate) has a new girlfriend and she spent the night for the first time last night. She seems nice. I’m not sure if her name is Jess or Jessie. She’s adorable and works in the seafood department at Schnucks, where Phil also works. I can tell he is really happy. I never thought I would see the day when Phil had a girlfriend and she was also really cool and nice and we could totally be friends. I see a lot of double dates coming up. Today I woke up early (at noon) to finish my homework on Johns computer which I have now done so I have a little bit of time before I have to go to work. I still haven’t gotten a call about my computer, which worries me. I’m wondering if I should call Velocity to see if everything is OK.


Stressing out

Still trying to get a new place to live nailed down. I am currently extremely stressed out about it because we have to be moved out by two weeks from now and we don’t definitely have a place locked in. There is one place that we would definitely like to have, but there is some competition for the place because it is so nice. I am also currently in another summer class about how people become literate. As interesting as this class is, I don’t really have time right now to fully immerse myself in the class. On top of this, my laptop is currently being repaired so I am on my boyfriends computer right now. The good thing about his computer is that it has two monitors so I am currently writing this while I am watching a lecture for the class.

This weekend was fun I guess. I worked on Friday night until close although we were slow. Saturday was Independence Day so I bought a few fireworks and beers and just chilled out with my friend Steven, my boyfriend John, my roommate Phil and his new girlfriend Jessie. Speaking of, I never thought I would see the day when Phil got a girlfriend. Not that he isn’t a super nice and great guy, but he is kind of weird and Jessie seems really nice. Phil is moving with us into this next place so we shall see how his relationship pans out. I’m totally rooting for him.

This video about “how the brain learns to read” is kind of boring. I never did very well in the neuroscience chapters in my classes, All I can focus on is that this guy pronounces “characters” like “ker-ak-turs”

Anyway, brief blog because I’m doing homework but writing never fails to help me vent out my stress.

Also, I finally reached 100 followers! I have gained followers on here faster than I ever did in the 5 years I was on Tumblr. Woo!


poor reddit :(


Now where am I going to spend all of my time? I’m seriously worried about this community that I’ve spent the last 5 years on. Maybe it is for the best, I should get out more. But reddit has always been there for me if I ever wanted to just have a discussion or conversation with someone. Every interest I could have is on there, and it great numbers. Some of the greatest scientists, artists, celebrities and activists have come to this place. I am almost completely out of the loop here, I know that Victoria was let go, and I don’t understand why. Wasn’t she the main moderator of r/IAMA? This was one of the most public subreddits given the subject matter. I wonder if there is not something bigger going on, and I wonder how much things will change when the blackout is lifted. Until then I support the good moderators of their subs that just want to see the community thrive. Letting Victoria was a mistake that I hope doesn’t completely ruin this great website. #bandwagon

Anyway, I know there are a lot of more interesting and important news stories out there, but reddit has just exploded with this information over the last few hours.  All I know if that until this is over, we should not buy reddit gold. It is the only way our vote is really counted in the Reddit company. Vote with your pocketbooks.


My message to gay people

Six years ago, when I was 18, I made a decision that as a girl who identified as straight, I couldn’t imagine a world where I would get married but my gay friends couldn’t. I donated $30 to the HRC and received a ring (similar to this one but not the exact same. It seems as if they don’t sell the one I had) that I promised myself I wouldn’t take off until everyone could get married. I am so happy, so completely overjoyed, that everyone can get married finally. Unfortunately I lost that ring while I was washing my hands while I was working at Giant Seafood Chain Restaurant, but I never forgot what that ring stood for. In 50 years we are going to look back on this day as we looked back on the Loving vs. Virginia case in the 60’s, with the case of interracial marriage. It should be a human right. I can’t wait to tell my children and my grandchildren about a time when not everyone could marry each other, and the day that all changed.


Why is it so hard to find a place to live in Cape Girardeau that allows pets?

The closest thing we could get to a "family picture"
The closest thing we could get to a “family picture”

Why is it so hard to find a place in Cape Girardeau that allows pets? I understand that it is hard to clean up after when the person moves out, and many landlords have been jerked around by pet owners saying their animal is less than 20 pounds or something but in reality it is a German Shepherd puppy just waiting to chew up all of the doors and walls when the owner leaves it alone to go to work. My grandfather is a landlord here in Cape Girardeau so I have heard all about it. He rents one and two bedroom economy apartments, and for the most part he doesn’t allow pets. Cats are usually OK if you ask him, but no dogs. He has had many problems with people who sneak dogs into the apartments to keep, and since they didn’t inform him he doesn’t get a chance to charge a fee or raise their rent prices. If the apartment owners allowed pets to begin with, they could potentially earn more money from the good renters who have well behaved dogs regardless of breed. The only reason why I got to live in one of his apartments with a pet is because I am his granddaughter, but now I’m older and I no longer want to rent an apartment when for just a little more money, I could rent a whole house. This last week I have searched high and low in Cape Girardeau for a nice place that my boyfriend, roommate, Pug, and two cats could live. We have been living in a townhouse for the last two years, and now I feel like its time to move on. Through our search for the perfect home to rent, we have encountered houses that fit our needs exactly including large backyards, washer and dryer hookups, central air, and a dishwasher. The only thing is that those houses don’t allow pets. Why is that? I feel like a well behaved adult dog is the same if not better than having a child in the house as far as cleanliness goes. I can understand paying a little more in rent, or preferably paying a pet deposit.

I checked with a few local rental management companies in the area to see what I could come up with. SOTO property management , a popular rental company in the area, had 18 homes listed for rent on their website. Of those eighteen homes, only three allowed pets. RentSemo, another rental company in the area, has this on their website under “Single Family Residence” rentals. UntitledeeeeIn fact, none of their rental properties allow pets. Even three out of the five rentals in the Classifieds section of the Southeast Missourian specifically say “no pets”

Some people in this area will put a place to live over the lives of their animals, and will take them to the Humane Society. Everyone can agree that there is already too many dogs and cats in the Humane Society, and we should be doing everything we can to save those animals or at least preventing family pets from ending up there. My roommates and I are going to continue to look for a place that allows pets of course, but it’s hard. My dog is 12 years old and honestly she has seen better days. The next move we make is most likely going to be her final home, then we will have just two cats. Most landlords look at the situation objectively and see a 24 year old girl with three animals. They don’t see that all three of my animals favorite pastime is napping in a beam of sunlight. I can see both sides of the story, and as I said before it only takes one person to ruin something for everybody. I just really wish that for a town so pet friendly, with water bowls for dogs outside of local businesses and some establishments even allowing pets inside, there would be more rental properties allowing pets near downtown, and more landlords would be open to the idea of renting to pet owners on a case by case basis or setting a flat pet rent like the townhouse that I am currently renting.