Tonights Cocktail: The Gin Fizz


1.5 oz london dry gin (I used Tanqueray)

1 oz fresh lemon juice

.75 oz simple syrup

egg white

shake ingredients in a mixing tin with a little bit of ice

splash a little club soda in the bottom of your glass (DON’T SHAKE WITH THE REST OF THE DRINK. or do, it’ll be hilarious

strain into a highball over ice or a martini glass like I did. The former is the traditional way to prepare this classic cocktail.

Garnish with a lemon twist

The person I made this for tonight was someone who wanted a unique martini that wasn’t too sweet. I think that this was a good choice. The guys who order them come in about once a week to have a few of my Shipwrecks or Irish Trashcans. These are the type guys who have ordered a drink by saying “I don’t know surprise me” So after pulling 100 different drinks out of my ass they finally found 3 or 4 that they drink usually in the same order every Thursday. These guys are college kids, I think they turned 21 recently. They talk about playing golf and smoking weed. Total fratbros, but pretty entertaining nonetheless.


Want to build a home bar (also, yay 50 followers!)

First, Thank you so much to those who have followed my little personal blog. It means a lot, especially those who interact with me. This gets reblogged automatically so thank you, all 102 of you for following my tumblr but I don’t know if that means anything because I’m pretty sure no one reads text posts on Tumblr.

We are going to be moving in about two months into a house, and I would like to build a home bar so I can start experimenting at home.

I think what I’m going to do is buy an armoire (the more rustic the better honestly) This should be a pretty easy task. I have seen many armoires that look pretty beat up that I could get and fix up, like I did my writing desk.


This is kind of what I want to go for. I have plenty of different wine glasses but I will need to get some rocks glasses and stuff.

I will probably pick up a bottle of alcohol every once in a while and try out a few different recipes with it. I will start with a vodka and white rum, and get a few juices. I already have grenadine so this encompasses a lot of summer cocktails. I need to remember to get a planter for some mint. I should also start growing rosemary and lavender. Both of which could be used for bartending or candlemaking.

After I get these basics, I’m going to move on to some good tequila. Nothing too fancy but definitely not Jose Cuervo. I might even spring for some Cointreau.

Gin is my least favorite, but I will get some Hendricks because so far that is the only kind I can stand. its great with cucumber.

I have to get some Irish whiskey, probably Tullamore Dew and definitely Jameson. I will probably not buy midori, that stuff is kind of gross.

I wish that someone would just go on the OXO website and buy me all of their bar tools. I’m in love. Probably not this whole set, I would rather build my own set based on things I actually need.

I just started my first summer class, and its a mens studies course.


I am pretty feminist, and this class so far aligns with my values that many modern men are just as oppressed as women. They are told, from when they are just little boys, that they can’t show emotion and they must act like a man. I’m sure this subject will come up many times in the next month. I should actually be doing my homework right now.


I am torn

I am wanting to purchase a domain name for my blog. I am not crazy about the fact that my last name is in my current domain name, plus it still says .wordpress.com.

I’m not sure what I should officially name my blog. I know that I am going to continue writing poetry occasionally as the mood strikes. I also am very passionate about my bartending and coming up with new or modified cocktails and I would like to continue to post my recipes but I don’t want to be full time at that either. I also do other miscellaneous crafts such as candlemaking that I would like to post about. Also I have a pug who is the light of my life.  Sometimes I am going to want to be personal. Sometimes I’m going to want to write a lot, sometimes I’m going to want to be brief.

This is causing me some serious conflict internally right now. This blog is so personal that I want it to be presented well. Plus I don’t want my name tied in with it.


Random Idea of the Night

Previously, I had a small candle business that I called L’allumer Candle. I know now that I should have named it something simple, and I probably shouldn’t have invested so much money into it right away. I am thinking about rebranding my candle making into Cape Girardeau Candle, perhaps. This would really open the doors to the local market. I need to make a few simple candle scents in pretty containers to start out with. Maybe theme some of them, such as “Rose Garden” and “River Walk” or something. That would probably be a huge hit in my area. This would also make it easy to get the media behind me. I am contemplating how I want to go about this. I will need to get in with the craft fairs, plus a little door to door selling. I will need to buy local as much as I can, and make sure that my product is great. I will probably have to make a bunch up to give away for free to people who write about what I’m doing (hint hint) and come up with some facebook specials. Maybe I won’t make the facebook page until I have some reasonable support behind me. I want to do all glass containers, because I feel like my tin containers don’t look as good. Maybe I should dabble in votives as well? I’m not sure. This is just one of those 3am craft ideas that pop into my head. I hope I don’t forget about it before tomorrow.

I also need to think of a domain name for this blog, but I guess I’m not in a rush.


Sunday sleep schedule, or, how Shawna ruined her day tomorrow

Today was pretty much a regular Sunday. I woke up at noon and wasted about 6 hours of the afternoon before taking a nap at 6pm. The only productive thing I did in these six hours is get absolutely drenched helping out a friend who needed me to dog sit for her. After napping for three hours (or one half-sleep) John and I watched the new episode of Game of Thrones. To be honest, I had already seen it since the first four episodes leaked last weekend, but I didn’t tell John.  I made about fifty candles in my kitchen for work, and now my whole house smells like Citronella. So it goes, if you make candles I suppose. John made some Matzah balls and they were sustaining.

I have been thinking about the future recently. As the end is still not in sight for college, I am not sure exactly when I can get on with my life. I would like to start my own bar, and I have been putting together some ideas that I hope will be a reality some day.

I am not sure the direction that I want this blog to go yet. I might post recipes for some drinks that I make, as I enjoy my job as a bartender and I love creating new cocktails. I may post pictures of the various crafts that I do, including my candle making but definitely not limited to that. I might post my thoughts on the upcoming election. I hope to be able to look back at this blog and see how far I’ve come. I haven’t blogged since my old Tumblr, and it was hard for me to not fall into my old ways of photoblogging and reposts, and begging for followers.