le petit blog post

Today was fun. I finally got my computer back. Turns out they tried to call me on the first day that I gave it to them but they had the wrong phone number (even though I gave them my new one.) There were just a few screws missing, however that happens. John and I watched the Anime movie Graves of the Fireflies, which is really sad and really good. 

It was about a boy who is taking care of his younger sister after both of their parents die. It is set in WWII Japan. They become homeless and he is forced to grow up a lot. For a movie made in 1988, it is really well animated and stood the test of time. I may have even shed a little tear.

I am in the process of creating a whiskey tasting sheet, as we are going to start doing irish whiskey flights at work. Despite the fact that I know little and less about whiskey, I’m trying really hard here, and its very time consuming. Obviously I’m cheating by using a website.

Today marks the fourth day I have known my roommates girlfriend, and the second time she has spent the night at our house. I have yet to see or hear her use the restroom. Its not like I’m keeping tabs on her or anything, its just weird since I pee all the time. I am beginning to think she might be a vampire who has no need to eat or drink therefor she wouldn’t use the bathroom. I’m not sure.

Phil, John, and I looked at an adorable little house in our hometown this afternoon. Hopefully we get to rent it as it is getting down to the wire and I’m getting really nervous that we aren’t going to find a place, as the last house hasn’t called us back yet.

It rained most of the day, and we even had a tornado warning. All of the sirens in Cape went off, although the sky didn’t look bad and I don’t think there was ever actually a tornado. They were just a little trigger happy with the siren.

Anyway, this is just a short blog post before I go to bed.


“Well today was fun” I say as I drink my fifth glass of wine

After going to class and working on my group project for my Group Communication class, I got off work and did absolutely nothing for a few hours.After this I proceeded to have my ear talked off by my little sister, about I don’t even know what. It was perhaps one of the more uncomfortable times I’ve had in a long time. Its not that I don’t love my sister, because I do. She just doesn’t know when to stop talking. And it would be different if it was about something interesting. But it is about herself, and nothing else. Every single thing that I said, she would relate it back to herself somehow. She is incredibly narcissistic, and I hate narcissism.(I say, as I write a blog about my life)

She just stresses me out. I know that she isn’t telling me all of these things for me to feel sorry for her, because that isn’t like her. I know that she is strong and self sufficient.She just has weird problems For example, she and her boyfriend recently broke up. Apparently they are still living together, but she tells me that they aren’t together anymore. All of her bills are in his name, but he may be moving to Ohio soon to be with his baby mama that he didn’t even know he had before last year, and the kid is almost four years old. Oh and he wreaked her car a few weeks ago. And when he wreaked it, he didn’t have a license. Also, he got fired for not being able to get a ride to work after this. At the time, my sister was working at Pizza Hut(with John) as a delivery driver. They were cross training her at the time in other jobs at the store because she wasn’t a good fit for driving, but she didn’t want to do anything else at Pizza Hut but drive so she quit. She told our grandparents that she was fired because she didn’t have a car, but this is untrue. This is just a small example of what I deal with. I can tell when she isn’t telling me the truth, but she insists on lying to me anyway. I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m ignorant. Turns out I’m not, she just doesn’t let me talk enough to call her out on her bullshit, but I’m getting better at that. I am a very good judge of character, and while I am empathetic in nature, I can generally see bullshit a mile away.

After coming home and sitting on my butt for a few more  hours, I decided that it was time to go through my storage closet and throw away old boxes of junk finally. I got rid of about four boxes of things. I organized the glass containers I use to make candles, and this made me want to make candles again. I have been making candles almost every week for my job, as it is beneficial for both the restaurant that I work for and myself to make these candles. They are just unscented candles so literally all I do is heat up the old glass containers to get the old wax out, recycle this wax into the fresh wax, pour this wax back into the glass containers, and put a wick in them. The only thing is that it can be a bit time consuming as I have to clean the containers from where I might spill a little wax while pouring. I use my heat gun for this part, and usually set up a TV episode on my laptop or an episode of Radiolab and zone out.

After cleaning and organizing the glass containers that I have in my closet for candles to sell, I organized my scented oils This is going to make it easier for when I want to make candles to sell. Before, they were all in a jumble. Now they are in plastic bags.

I am back on the Keto diet again, I will probably give more details about my diet later, I need to organize my thoughts first. I have given up sweet tea, my biggest vice of the moment. I gave up smoking cigarettes a few weeks ago. I’m on a “controlling myself” kick.

I watched the documentary “Love Me” on Netflix today. Its about men who buy mail order brides from Ukraine. It was eye opening because when I think of mail order brides, I think of gold diggers who are just wanting men for their money, and when I think of the men who buy them, I think of skeezy greasy men with gold chains who want trophy wives that can’t talk back to them. This documentary showed me that many of the woman who participate in this are older women who are looking for a husband to have a family, since there are many more women than men in these countries. The documentary did show that there are some women who are participating in a scam to lure men in to give them money. Many of the men who order mail order brides are just men who have never been in a serious relationship and are socially awkward. They go to these countries and are adored by women, like they never have been in the US. Its actually all kind of sad.

Its the end of the month so I have to work my ass off to earn money for rent. I need to work on getting my finances in order next. I also need to work on selling my candles to earn some extra cash. Here is a picture of some of my new ones that I made recently, “Basil and Herb”. They smelled amazing and I can definitely see myself making more. They had a wooden wick so they crackle when they are lit. wpid-20150402_141839.jpg



Just finished watching Babadook with John. Have I mentioned yet that I am a child when it comes to scary movies? I wanted to watch it because I read reviews, and it was on Netflix. I also know that Horror is Johns favorite genre. It was more of a psychological thriller but I still spent most of the movie with the blanket almost covering my face, with just enough room to peak out of. This is my prefered way of watching scary movies.

Babadook was a very, very good horror film. One of the best I’ve see, honestly. It had a great plot with some serious twists and turns that made me say “what the fuck?” out loud more than once. It is about a woman whose husband was killed on the day her son was born. The son is now six, and has behavioral issues that cause him to be taken out of school for a while. A mysterious childrens book called “The Babadook” appears when the boy asked his mother to read him a bedtime story. Sam is already afraid of monsters, and this becomes even more exagerated as it appears as if the Babadook is real. Sams mother goes crazy over the course of the film, and I was very afraid that she was going to kill her son by the end. I don’t want to give away the ending, but I greatly enjoyed it.

I have been spending most nights going to sleep reading the subreddit /r/nosleep, because I have been interested in creepy stories for a while now. I like the feeling of my heart racing and being able to imagine the fear in my head. I actually don’t like watching scary movies mainly because of the cheap thrills tactic of the jump-scare. The Babadook has very few jump-scares, which I appreciate. There was a lot of suspense, however.

Even scarier than a scary movie, I had to complete my resume today for a big-girl job. Not really, its really just for a class. I also had to complete a cover letter. This semester has been pretty rocky, thanks to that whole “uncle murdering my cousin” thing a few weeks back. I’ll probably make a whole post about that at a later date, I’m still sifting through my emotions on that one.

I work at 12pm tomorrow, I’m supposed to go in specifically to run a banquet dinner and then leave, hopefully nap for an hour (or drink a Red Bull) then go back to work at 3:30 for a fun-filled Tuesday night.  Wednesday I am off but I have to do a big group project for a class in which we are creating a video exemplefying our major and presenting it to the Dean of the department in hopes that our video will be presented in the introductory freshman class at my university. Saturday night I am volunteering at the roller derby match here in town, after which I will probably get drunk. Sunday I will hopefully be able to relax a little, which I know isn’t possible because I have a bunch of assignments due next week. Finals are soon after that and then I guess I’m free until the fall.

Its crazy how fast this year has been going by, it is already May. We are going to be looking for a new place to live shortly, which is stressful. My face is probably going to break out so bad. So it goes.