Finals week. (or: how I transform into a demon from hell for a few hours as I cram)

I have a final in my interviewing class tomorrow. The test questions are never discussed in class because her powerpoints are irrelvant. The professor is nice enough, and I’ve learned a lot in the class, but the exams are discouraging. She gives a study guide but sometimes the terms she asks for are not in the text. I have gotten mediocre grades in the previous tests. I hope I do well on this one.

The next round of classes start the week after that. I am taking three summer classes this semester, which will be fun. Hopefully I can graduate before I’m 30? We’ll see.

Maybe I should stop procrastinating so bad? that would probably be helpful.


I could write “professional essay bullshitter” on my resume

Somehow I have successfully written 12 pages worth of essay for my final in my interviewing class. I don’t know how I did it, but I’m pretty good writing under pressure. My head is killing me.John starts his new job tomorrow, I am pretty excited for him. Plus I’m going to have a night all to myself which is exciting. I’m probably going to sit on my couch and watch trashy TV shows that I know he hates. Thats usually what I do when I have the house to myself. I made a batch of candles yesterday, so I’m probably going to finish those up and put them on Etsy maybe. Here is a preview of what they look like taken with my phone camera. I wish I had a better camera. wpid-20150505_035952.jpg They’re lavender chamomile if you can’t read the labels clearly. I think they smell amazing. My grandma is going to love them. They smell great. I just have one actual final left to do and then this semester is over with. I am beyond done. I have had a really rough semester, and it isn’t entirely my fault. Much like last year when my car was broken into and the people stole my backpack with all of my textbooks in it. a big event derailed me for about a week and I found it hard to get back into the swing of things for the semester. I plan on making a big post about that at some point, or at least writing a poem about it, but I can’t bring myself to do it yet. I still don’t know all of the answers, I’m still confused about the whole situation, and once its on the internet its there forever so I might wait until after my uncle goes to trial before I say anything. Long story short, my uncle murdered his daughter. There are a lot of mixed feelings and I can see both sides of the story, strangely enough. It is probably the weirdest situation my family has ever been in. I’ll go more into that at some other point. Writing is therapeutic but I need some more time to sort my thoughts. He goes to court in mid June. I have a pretty bad headache right behind my eyes from writing this paper, so I think I’m going to go to bed now.



Just finished watching Babadook with John. Have I mentioned yet that I am a child when it comes to scary movies? I wanted to watch it because I read reviews, and it was on Netflix. I also know that Horror is Johns favorite genre. It was more of a psychological thriller but I still spent most of the movie with the blanket almost covering my face, with just enough room to peak out of. This is my prefered way of watching scary movies.

Babadook was a very, very good horror film. One of the best I’ve see, honestly. It had a great plot with some serious twists and turns that made me say “what the fuck?” out loud more than once. It is about a woman whose husband was killed on the day her son was born. The son is now six, and has behavioral issues that cause him to be taken out of school for a while. A mysterious childrens book called “The Babadook” appears when the boy asked his mother to read him a bedtime story. Sam is already afraid of monsters, and this becomes even more exagerated as it appears as if the Babadook is real. Sams mother goes crazy over the course of the film, and I was very afraid that she was going to kill her son by the end. I don’t want to give away the ending, but I greatly enjoyed it.

I have been spending most nights going to sleep reading the subreddit /r/nosleep, because I have been interested in creepy stories for a while now. I like the feeling of my heart racing and being able to imagine the fear in my head. I actually don’t like watching scary movies mainly because of the cheap thrills tactic of the jump-scare. The Babadook has very few jump-scares, which I appreciate. There was a lot of suspense, however.

Even scarier than a scary movie, I had to complete my resume today for a big-girl job. Not really, its really just for a class. I also had to complete a cover letter. This semester has been pretty rocky, thanks to that whole “uncle murdering my cousin” thing a few weeks back. I’ll probably make a whole post about that at a later date, I’m still sifting through my emotions on that one.

I work at 12pm tomorrow, I’m supposed to go in specifically to run a banquet dinner and then leave, hopefully nap for an hour (or drink a Red Bull) then go back to work at 3:30 for a fun-filled Tuesday night.  Wednesday I am off but I have to do a big group project for a class in which we are creating a video exemplefying our major and presenting it to the Dean of the department in hopes that our video will be presented in the introductory freshman class at my university. Saturday night I am volunteering at the roller derby match here in town, after which I will probably get drunk. Sunday I will hopefully be able to relax a little, which I know isn’t possible because I have a bunch of assignments due next week. Finals are soon after that and then I guess I’m free until the fall.

Its crazy how fast this year has been going by, it is already May. We are going to be looking for a new place to live shortly, which is stressful. My face is probably going to break out so bad. So it goes.