countdown to moving day! 6 days!

Now thats we’re less than a week away from moving to a house, I am really starting to stress out. Especially because I wake up at like, 2pm every day and forget to get things done that I need done. We have yet to start packing but I have gone around and thrown away a lot of stuff that I don’t see myself needing.

Yesterday the Cape Girardeau Roller Girls put on a fund raiser for the Humane Society where they washed dogs at a local dog boutique for $20. Tiki is good and clean right now but she is shedding up a storm because it is just how pugs are.

Tiki getting her bath on

I am just ready to get the next 7 days over with so that I can be moved and all of the pressure of moving will be gone.

I haven’t felt the motivation to work on my writing and poetry because of the stress.

I am thinking that now that my bar is open until 1 am every night, I might start making drink instructional videos at night when I don’t have guests.

John and I have been doing the couch to 5k thing. We are on week 2. We are about to go running right now I’m just waiting for my phone to charge a little. We go running at 2-4 am so that there is no one else and also so that it isn’t so hot.

I’ll probably be inspired to write again here soon, I just have a serious mental block from stress. Its hard for me to even finish my school work. Luckily one of my online classes has all of the answers for all of the tests online.

I thought I would have more time to write right now but John decided that he wanted to go running RIGHT NOW. So until next time


Family Meeting in the Principals Office- 4th grade

Mountain of papers on his desk

Knick knacks

A cat-a-day calendar

Memo’s on post its

His walls have pictures

Of himself as a young football player

Beaming at the camera

And awards

And diplomas

My grandmother is sitting

Along with the councilor

Someone puts their hand on my shoulder

Has someone died?

Grandma speaks first


The tone in her voice makes me nervous

“Your mother got behind the wheel

After too many drinks”

I fear for the worst

I see my mother, in a coma

A vegetable

Or a body in the morgue

“She wrapped her car around a tree

She spent the night in jail”

A person gets three strikes

They let you off with a warning


Thirty days in jail

But the third time,

You are unfit for society

And they send you away

For a second I think

This might be worse than if she had died

Am I going to hell?