Today’s cocktail: Mint Chocolate Birthday Martini!


This Martini is not very much different from my other Chocolate Martini, I just thought it looked pretty and fun with its little candle in it 🙂


1.5 oz vanilla vodka

.5 oz Baileys or other creme liqueur

.5 oz Rumpleminz

whipped cream

chocolate syrup


Mix all of the liquors and a small amount of whipped cream and chocolate syrup in a mixing tin with ice and shake vigorously

make a fun design with chocolate sauce a chilled martini glass

strain martini into the glass and add a dollop of whipped cream

add candle and sing!

This martini tastes just like a mint chocolate cookie and its pretty too! you can’t be sad on your birthday drinking this martini!

I made this one in honor of a girl who just started bartending for me whose birthday is today. Tasty!


Happy National Martini Day! Hazelnut and Irish Creme Chocolate Martini!


I’m definitely not a purist when it comes to the chocolate martini. I usually ask the person what they want in it, since I don’t have a set recipe that I have to use. I don’t have any chocolate liquor  so I make due with what I have.

Take a frozen Martini glass and swirl chocolate sauce around the bottom.

Put ice, 1.5 oz Vanilla vodka (I used Absolut Vanilla), .5 oz Kahlua, .5 oz Frangelico Hazelnut Liquor, and .5 oz Baileys Irish creme in shaker tin with a small amount of whipped creme. Feel free to pour chocolate sauce in like you would milk to make chocolate milk. Shake vigorously. Strain into your pretty glass and top with a dollop of whipped creme and a mint sprig, or a cherry.

I mix it up by using caramel Baileys, regular vodka, Kahlua, Frangelico, Rum Chata sometimes, really whatever I’m feeling.

Happy Martini Day!


Tonights cocktail: the Leprechaun Martini


Yes, yet another green martini. As I’ve said before, I work in an Irish Themed restaurant so most of my cocktails end up being bright green.

2 oz Absolut vodka

.5 oz Midori

.5 oz Peach Schnapps

splash of fresh lemon juice

Shake and strain into cocktail glass, garnish with twist of lemon.

There you have it, easy as pie, pretty, and not too sweet. A perfect martini if you have Midori on hand.


Tonights Closing Cocktail- The Luckytini


2 oz Absolut vodka

.75 oz Midori

splash of pineapple juice

shake and strain into chilled martini glass

garnish with orange wedge

This is a very popular green martini that I found online, however the original recipe says to use grape flavored vodka. I thought grape vodka was a little too sweet so I substituted it with regular vodka. It’s been so popular that I put it on the specialty cocktail menu at work. Its great for people who want something sweet and fruity. 

The person who ordered this particular cocktail was a nice older lady who stayed at my bar for most of the evening. She said that she used to frequent The Royal N’orleans, which was the restaurant that used to be in the building that Katy O’s is located. She used to come in with her husband and sit at the bar, sharing a bottle of wine before dinner. They would come in on their anniversary, which was May 12th 1970. Forty-five  years to the day. She told me he died seven years ago to lung cancer, and since the Royal N’orleans closed in 2009, she hadn’t been back since he died. She had heard that we opened in the old N’orleans building, and that we are an Irish pub. She decided on a whim that she was going to come in today and sit at the bar, just like her and her husband used to do. She asked for a wine list and we talked about the wine we offered for a while, Finally, she decided that she didn’t really want wine and asked me what else I could make. I showed her our speciality cocktail list and asked her what she was really in the mood for. She said that she wanted something sweet and fruity and something that would lift her spirits. I suggested the Luckytini. She fell in love and had a few more. She relived her past with her husband over the drinks, and when she was ready to leave I called her a cab. She gave me a big hug before she walked out of the door.

I love my job.